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SaralMilap website takes its role as an intermediary seriously. The site was created in 2006 and has grown to become one of the best known Indian matrimonial services. In India, arranged marriages, are very prevalent and the Indian online matrimony market is highly fragmented along religion, caste, community, geography and linguistic group.

Mission Statement

Matrimonials India proudly claims to be the largest matrimonial site in India. While securing a place in the top ten MatrimonialsIndia.com is not quite large enough to claim the number one position. It is however, a reliable well known service with a friendly approachable site.Matrimonial Business is growing tremendously in India. There is a huge range of Matrimony sites and it becomes a bit difficult to decide which one is better than the others.To make it an easy process to select better matrimonial sites, i have sorted top ten matrimonial sites according to their service.

Our Philosophy

We strive for the highest standards of care, excellence, and expertise in seeking to offer help and hope to your current dating relationnships. We believe dating is for life and that it has the potential to be the most rewarding, fun, amazing, incredible, awesome experience anyone can have! We would love the opportunity to help you grow a strong, rock solid relationship that can last a life time!


Matrimonial Grooms & Brides From Various Samaj Subcaste :

  • 13 samaj 
  • Nanichhasath 
  • Motichhastah 
  • Sostarjuth 
  • 52juthahmedbad 
  • Zalawadi 
  • 36ujthvaland
  • 212valandsamaj 
  • 27valand juth 
  • 18juthvaland 
  • 42juthvaland samaj 
  • 52 Juth Ahmedabad 
  • 1100juthvaland samaj 
  • Savaso juth limbachiya samaj 
  • Nana nava gam valand samaj 
  • Sain samaj 
  • 22/40 Valand samaj
  • Patanvala paragana 
  • Mota NavGam
  • 60Ndisera nayee samaj 
  • Char shear samaj 
  • Idar 27limbachiya samaj 
  • Bhatiya maisuriya valand samaj 
  • Chuvalapanch paragana 
  • Vadali 27 valand samaj



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